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Use a Complete Set of Cleaning Tools to Enhance Your Certification:


Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools

Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon

  • 40+ Done-for-You ZERO LIMIT Memory and Mind Data Cleaning Tools
  • All Tools Support the Passive Practice of Ho'oponopono
  • Simply Embrace Cleaning Tool Objects, Foods, Music, and More
  • Guide to Listening to the Divine at Zero Included
  • Use Provided Toolkit to CREATE YOUR OWN Cleaning Tools
  • And much, much more

Add a set of done-for-you cleaning tools, developed by master Ho'oponopono Practitioners and recently revealed ONLY as a supplement to your Ho'oponopono Certification Course.

Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon are proud to offer you this limited one time offer of...

  • Food Cleaning Tools
  • Object Cleaning Tools
  • Music Cleaning Tools
  • Plant Cleaning Tools
  • And Visualization Cleaning Tools'll use to enhance you Ho'oponopono knowledge or practice.

These Cleaning Tools Are ONLY Revealed To Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioners

The tools revealed on this page are only revealed to practitioners pursuing Ho'oponopono Certification through the Global Sciences Foundation.

Both Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon recognize the effectiveness of the tools detailed on this page, however, they are only useful to practitioners with knowledge of basic Ho'oponopono best practices.

That is why these advanced cleaning tools are available on this page ONLY! And can only be accessed as an add-on to your certification.

Experience Your ZERO LIMIT with the Help of This Unique Cleaning Tool Set

Cleaning the data of your mind and memory requires a specific skillset that will take weeks of study to master-that is the purpose of your Ho'oponopono Certification.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to practice Ho'oponopono at home, or if you're eager to bring data clearing and divine connection into your practice, this set of tools can help you reach ZERO LIMIT faster-and even passively.

You're going to learn...

  • How Food Relates to Specific Mind Data
  • Using Food to Clean Out Memories
  • Why Eating Food Isn't Even Required for an Effect
  • 20+ Foods that Clean Specific Memories
  • Integrating Food into Ho'oponopono Practice
  • How to create a foundational pure form of a vital Ho'oponopono mantra
  • Complete guide to object cleaning processes
  • Harnessing solar power to get closer to the source
  • Removing toxins from the most common object that surrounds us
  • 5 everyday objects with transformative cleaning power
  • Age-old sound healing strategies revealed
  • Understanding the vibration of mantra words
  • "Hearing Tones" to change your vibration
  • Cleaning music for unconscious level use
  • Access to "Worlds First" healing tracks
  • How to create your own cleaning tools
  • 14+ specific visualization techniques
  • How to enact transformation through visual memory
  • 10 "Perform Anywhere" exercises
  • Rapid negative experience and situation relief
  • And much more!

All with 5 sets of cleaning tools released to complement your certification.

5 Sets of Specific Cleaning Tools






PLUS: A Guide to Listening to the Divine And Creating Your Own Cleaning Tools

As you practice Ho'oponopono and mind data cleaning, you'll frequently reach zero state, connecting to a euphoric and otherworldly realm of mind freedom.

Frequently Ho'oponopono Practitioners experience a divine communication-communication from zero itself-that will unlock a path to discovery of new cleaning tools and revolutionary Ho'oponopono principles.

Included in this set of tools is a guide to listening to the divine through visualization pared with Ho'oponopono practice. You'll learn to listen to the divine and create your own cleaning tools to add to this collection.

Here are Just a Few Of the Lessons You'll Learn When You Add Advanced Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools to Your Certification:

  • The most common food cleaning tool misconception cleared (LEARN THIS before integrating food cleaning tools into your Ho'oponopono practice) ...
  • How to match foods to specific mind data, using food to reach your ZERO LIMIT and experience a clear mind, body, and soul...
  • What you can do if food/clearing pairings don't work with your diet (HINT: you don't always have to eat the foods to experience results) ...
  • Maximizing Ho'oponopono therapeutic effects using many of the most common but little-known and never discussed foodstuffs you find at the grocery store...
  • The smallest crump of one common treat provides the energy to activate all other cleaning tools, embodying a perfect union of ancient, present, and future emotions-you've already had this food, can you guess what it is?
  • Preventing Danger - In our lives, in our travels, in work, and throughout day-to-day life with the presence of one classic candy many people love but nearly no one uses as a healing agent...
  • Have you ever worried about your weight? Do you have clients who worry about fat or want to lose weight? Discover the food that frees our memories of weight concern (this tool is ideal for health and wellness specialists) ...
  • One non-essential oil you don't get enough of has the ability to increase your vibrational level and align you with divine awareness...
  • Intellectual release, getting in the right place at the right time, strengthening the bond of relationships, connecting with subconscious experience, and more (all with just 4 common foods you'll use in advanced Ho'oponopono practice) ...
  • Cleaning your mother earth to get closer to the ability to predict nature's path with 2 foods you don't get enough of (Dr. Hew Len discusses earth-self connectivity during initial certification-this is your chance to fully embrace this connection) ...
  • Develop a path to spirituality, allow thoughts to pass smoothly, and open the light as memory blocks fade and true peace finds you with the help of 3 berries...
  • One type of water (you can create yourself) attracts essential truths into your conscious and subconscious mind while connecting you with the divine...
  • How to create a full-spectrum shield capable of protecting you against negative thoughts and memories...
  • You will spend more than 1/3rd of your life asleep. Are you aware of the sleep time cleaning tool that helps expand your consciousness and opens awareness to the constant expansion of the universe? Get ready to learn more...
  • Objects associated with guilt, depression, resentment, and oppression cleaning you'll use to end the constant cycle of self-sabotaging thought patterns responsible for slowing down life and progress while blocking success...
  • "Erasing" problems-for yourself and for others-discover the tool that physically takes away the pain behind any situation, restoring clarity, purpose, and peace of mind...
  • "7 times" cleaning strategy using a specific cleaning agent that eliminates physical and emotional pain. This technique can be used every time you wash your hands or take a shower...
  • How a single glass of water can create transformational and euphoric life experiences, expanding awareness to an all-encompassing level (but only if you follow the included 2x daily strategy detailed in this guide)...
  • How you can harmonize with a vibration of love using a one-year in the making musical track that's included and free to download when you access these Ho'oponopono cleaning tools...
  • Tuning one inexpensive instrument into an alignment centering tool that relieves physical aliment in the respiratory system while lowering your overall vibrational level...
  • A 4 track audio you can use to call the Four Angles of Ho'oponopono using subliminally repeated phrasing designed specifically for cleansing and strong vibrational change...
  • Access to a transformational library of Ho'oponopono musical tracks you'll use to deepen your understanding of our universe, achieve zero-state, and transform your vibrational energy to a higher level...
  • Complete guidance on the use of music for cleaning, adjusting vibrational energy, and tuning into the frequencies that enact lasting change...
  • Addictive Memory Removal - Smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, sexual addiction, eating disorders and more can all benefit from the effective application of visualization as a cleaning tool...
  • "In Seconds" processes capable of creating lasting mindset change and reality altering perspectives for time pressed individuals, clients, and short-term treatment sessions...
  • How to clean away physical pain by "wrapping areas of the body" within a visualized object and letting pain flow away from the subconscious nerve centers of the brain...
  • 4+ relationship improvement tools useful for counselors, therapists, or anyone experiencing mistrust due to a bad relationship experience, breakup, divorce, or situation related to a significant other...
  • Cleaning illness memory, specifically headaches, body pains, cancer, tumors, infection, and other growing ailments by transmuting body mutations back to zero...
  • "Gold Key, Ice Blue, Dew Drop, and Light Switch" visualizations for vibration altering perspectives-learn and use these visualizing practices to eliminate stress, increase motivation, and erase sadness...
  • Using your visualization on others and "cleaning from afar" - how you can take what you've learned and apply it from a distance to impact individuals and the global community through cleaning...
  • How to create your own cleaning tools from zero. As you experience mind cleaning and clearing you'll hear a response-a communication between you and the cleaning tool-learn to listen closely and discover what the divine is telling you...
  • Transmuting memories into a pure energy through one plant that stores negative energy before they enter your home and living space...
  • Effective use of Double Yellow Hibiscus, Wild Irish Rose, Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis, Redwoods...
  • And much, much more!

These Tools Are NOT Required for Certification. They ARE REQUIRED FOR PRACTICE.

If you are only interested in privately performing Ho'oponopono at home, you do not need these tools. While they are capable of enhancing your ability to clear your own mind while enriching your connection to the divine, they are not required to experience ZERO.

Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon are releasing this collection of tools for Ho'oponopono Practioners looking to bring data cleaning and memory cleaning into their practice with clients.

If you're a practitioner who plans to introduce Ho'oponopono to clients (of if you are going to simply help friends and family), you will find this collection of tools invaluable.

Included are easily applied principles, visualization queues, foods you can eat, objects that passively clean, and more that are simple to explain and recognize.

Without Cleaning Tools, Will You Be Able to Experience Your ZERO LIMIT?

Many of the included tools are completely passive-they work without you having to worry about them.

Constantly, the included tools will sap away negative energy and help you erase painful memories, self-imposed limitations, and the boundaries of the subconscious holding you back.

If you simply integrate just a few of the included tools passively into your life, you will be able to frequently tune into your ZERO LIMIT and experience the inspiration of your connection to the divine.

Without cleaning tools, many Ho'oponopono Pracitioners are unable to reach ZERO LIMIT simply due to the number of memories you have to clean to get there. These tools will help you achieve a completely clean state-making the process easier and less time consuming.

Use them yourself or use them with clients to achieve rapid results!

Click Below and Add Advanced Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools To Your Certification Now Just $39

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The Global Sciences Foundation offers a complete refund through ClickBank if you decide to cancel at any time in the first 60 days after you add Advanced Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools to your certification.

If you're not satisfied for any reason, or if you decide you do not need these tools, you will get your money back.

Add Advanced Ho'oponopono Tools to your certification today and take advantage of an opportunity to accelerate your approach to ZERO LIMIT.

These Tools Are ONLY AVAILABLE On This Page and With Your Certification!

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